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SaaS Half Full

Dec 2, 2020

In this episode of SaaS Half Full, we talk with Ryan Barretto, SVP Global Sales at Sprout Social. When his sales team went remote, the traditional framework of 9-5 sales pivoted, and Ryan had to allow his sales team to work within the new constructs of an at-home office life. 

Offices closing around the world forced B2B SaaS sales and marketing teams to alter course in selling their products. It also changed companies’ sales cultures and left leaders worrying: Would sales productivity take a dive? How do we hold our teams accountable when emotions are at an all-time high?

Listen as Ryan shares how his inbound-heavy sales team pivoted to meet customers’ needs through a tumultuous year (spoiler: education trumped empathy) and what SaaS CMOs should understand about the new demands of their social media managers.