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SaaS Half Full

Nov 18, 2020

In this episode of SaaS Half Full, we talk with Jim Benton, CEO at, who joined the company the day the world locked down. Jim quickly pivoted his work style to lead a team he’s never met, and came up with the brilliant idea to share his company’s data in a unique format to help other struggling sales leaders.

When B2B marketing and sales went remote, it spawned a lot of questions companies had to contend with. Was it the right time to sell products? Could they even afford to retain their staff? Companies required data to navigate a new normal, but where would it come from?

Listen as Jim shares Chorus’s pivot to freely providing their platform data to answer those questions and many more during the Chorus Weekly Briefing — hosted by Jim — and how the show is helping transform the way sales teams hire, coach and sell in today’s remote world.